Habitat for Humanity of Delaware & Union Counties welcomes Shelley, Dawn and her son into our Homeownership Program!

Owning a Habitat house will mean not having to move again, and knowing that we will have a safe, stable place for all three of us. We will finally be home!
— Dawn

In 2017, after Dawn’s husband unexpectedly passed away, she and her son felt that they needed to be closer to family. Moving from Centerburg, where she was a preschool teacher, they joined her mother Shelley in the small apartment she rents in Delaware. Dawn and Shelley are comforted to be living together and supporting each other.

They quickly realized that Shelley’s two-bedroom apartment had little space for the three of them to live comfortably. Due to her son’s homeschooling, the dining area was converted to his learning center, leaving very limited space for them to move throughout the apartment. Shelley was inspired to apply to the Habitat Homeownership Program when her landlord announced that he was putting their apartment on the market. They were both very worried that the rent would go up after the building was purchased and began researching other apartments, only to find that the average rentals in Delaware County are even more expensive. Not wanting any financial stress to radiate to Dawn’s son, they decided to apply to the Homeownership Program and pursue an opportunity to buy an affordable home.

One of the most meaningful parts of this opportunity for both Dawn and Shelley is owning a home rather than renting. “It will be our home,” Dawn explained, “Owning a Habitat house will mean not having to move again, and knowing that we will have a safe, stable place for all three of us. This will be a great opportunity for my son to learn new skills, since his father isn’t here to teach him.” Shelley is particularly excited to begin planting her own garden, something she hasn’t been able to do in an apartment.

Dawn’s son explained that it is hard without his dad. It will mean so much to him to have a permanent home for he and his mother and grandmother. He is comforted to know that when he goes to college, his mom will not have to move and he will still have his room in the house to visit during breaks.

Shelley described the moment that they found out they were accepted into the Homeownership Program: “When we got that phone call, we screamed, cried, and felt absolute joy! It’s hard to find words to describe how grateful we are for this sense of security in our future for my grandson. We will have the opportunity to grow our roots now, and have stability and safety.”

“God has blessed us with this opportunity, and we look forward to meeting more people involved with Habitat and making new memories,” Dawn shared, to which Shelley replied: “Ditto!”

Partner with Dawn and Shelley to help them realize their dream of homeownership by making a financial contribution or volunteering alongside them on the job site. Together, we can build strong foundations…one home at a time.

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