Faith Outreach


Habitat for Humanity of Delaware & Union Counties works with qualified families in need of stable and affordable housing. To do this, we depend on the help of all who believe that everyone needs a safe and decent place to call home. Thankfully, congregations across Delaware & Union Counties have been faithful partners in fulfilling our important mission.

Churches and/or coalitions of churches can support Habitat for Humanity of Delaware & Union Counties and the families we serve by:

• Sponsoring houses through financial contributions
• Volunteering in construction crews or committees
• Leading devotions at work sites
• Preparing and serving food to volunteers

The ways to see the spirit of God at work are many and the rewards are life-changing for all. Participating in a Habitat project helps congregations become:

• Closer in faith outreach
• Stronger in their ministry to serve others
• Energized in their spiritual growth