Introducing Eric, Paige and their sons!

Eric, Paige and their four sons

Eric, Paige and their four sons


Eric and Paige are the proud parents of four young boys. They currently rent a 3-bedroom duplex that that is too small for the needs of their six-member family. Between the small bedrooms, full of dressers and beds, and the minimal amount of outdoor space, there is very little room for their boys to play. “They usually play in the hallway,” Paige said.

Eric and Paige’s dream of owning a home for their family brought them to Habitat for Humanity. “We saw many of the beautiful homes being built by Habitat over the years and we finally decided to explore if buying a home through the homeownership program would work for us,” Paige said, “We came to realize that, without Habitat for Humanity, we are not be able to afford a home in this area any time soon. We really want our kids to have the stability of a safe, permanent family home.”

Their son Elias shared, “I would like to have a house because we would have a bigger space and I will have my own room for my things where I can do my artwork.”

Eric is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and was deployed on three separate occasions in Afghanistan and Africa. He is now a full-time student at a media school for sports broadcasting. Paige is a full-time caseworker in Franklin County who works with families in section 8 housing.

“Upon learning of our acceptance into Habitat’s homeownership program,” Eric said, “we became so excited...our dream of owning an affordable home for our family is a dream finally within reach.”
— Eric

HFHDUC Veterans Build Logo

Habitat Veterans Build

spring, 2019

The construction of Eric and Paige’s home will be our first Veterans Build in Marysville!

Throughout this special Veterans Build, we seek to:

  • Provide affordable housing for this veteran and his family.

  • Engage veterans, military service members and their families through volunteer opportunities.

  • Promote a better understanding of Habitat for Humanity’s mission among the military/veteran community and support veterans’s access to affordable and sustainable homeownership and home repair.

Please join us in this special build by donating needed funds, volunteering your time and helping us to promote our efforts in the community!

If you would like to make a donation by mail, please make your check payable to:

Habitat for Humanity of Delaware & Union Counties (HFHDUC)
305 Curtis Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015