The Yaeger Family


we are happy to introduce tammarra yaeger and her three children to the home-ownership program!

Tammy Yaeger is our first Union County applicant accepted into our program since the merger in 2016.

Tammy is a single mother of three children and currently lives in a 2-bedroom apartment with very limited space for the family and their belongings. "It is very cramped living in a small apartment with three children. My two oldest, Tyler (17) and Mariah (9) share a bedroom and sleep in bunk beds. I currently share my room and bed with my youngest, Averiana (2)," Tammy expressed as she explained her current living situation.

"We enjoy nature parks and hiking trails together. The kids love waterparks and anything to do with water, fishing, and swimming." Tammy has continued to show her excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to own her own home "instead of throwing money away renting." Tyler, being the only male in the home, is looking forward to having a space of his own. Tammy has dreamed of the day she could have her bed back to herself and know that they all have a place to call their own.

"I am still beside myself, it's such a wonderful opportunity. I can't believe it is real and it is happening to me!" Tammy said when we asked her how she felt about having the opportunity to own a Habitat home. She learned about the Habitat program through her sister and she recalls living near a Habitat home when she lived in a different county. Since being accepted into the program in October 2016, Tammy has been working hard towards her required 300 hours of sweat equity in the Habitat program. "I love to help others and this has been a true blessing to work with other volunteers and future homeowners like myself to achieve the same goal."

This has been a dream come true. It is a blessing for those who are in tough situations that can use a hand up for their family.
— Tammy Yaeger

Homeownership has been a dream for Tammy and her children. "I will finally be able to buy a home for us." She explained that she wanted nothing more than to provide a safe and comfortable environment for her children to come home to. "This has been a dream come true. It is a blessing for those who are in tough situations that can use a hand up for their family."

Funding is still needed for this home, please consider donating to this family by visiting our Donation Page, or mailing your donation to: 

Habitat for Humanity of Delaware & Union Counties
305 Curtis Street
Delaware, OH 43015