The Wyrick Family

Habitat for Humanity of Delaware & Union Counties is happy to introduce Karianne and her family to the Habitat home-ownership program.

Karianne lives in a small three bedroom apartment with her two active sons - Robbie, who is thirteen and Ryan, who is eleven. Expenses in Karianne’s apartment are very high, and along with high rent, this caus-es the family to be cost-burdened.

Karianne is looking forward to an affordable habitat mortgage payment. She is thankful that the habitat home is built energy efficient and looks forward to reasonable utility bills.

Karianne lovingly shoulders the sole responsibility of raising her boys, who have developmental challenges. Karianne is very proud of her children including a third son, Michael, who graduated from high school in 2015, and is no longer living in the home with the family. Karianne and her boys have expressed a desire to build their habitat home close to Michael, who happens to live in Habitat’s focus neighborhood. This way they can remain close, and walk to each other’s homes.
Karianne is employed in the Delaware community and works as a crew trainer in the fast food industry. Robbie and Ryan attend school in Delaware. Ryan looks forward to setting up his dinosaur habitat in his own room. Ryan loves his dinosaurs. Robbie looks forward to being able to have quiet time in his own room to focus on his favorite hobby of solving puzzles. Karianne has promised the boys a kitten and that is what they are most looking forward to!

Karianne stated that the Habitat homeownership opportunity will allow her to provide so much more for her boys. Habitat homeowner-ship is her dream come true!

Karianne, Robbie and Ryan see a habitat home in their future!

If you would like to support the dream of homeownership for this family, please feel free to donate through our website, here, or mail your donation to 305 Curtis Street, Delaware, OH 43015