The Hoover Family

Sara, Xavier and Legend

Habitat for Humanity of Delaware & Union Counties is delighted to welcome the Hoover family to our homeownership program!

Sara Hoover is a single mother of two handsome young boys, Xavier and Legend. She is employed full-time at a childcare facility in Delaware working with infants. Homeownership has always been a dream of Sara's and she is looking forward to making it a reality. "I am excited to have the opportunity to own a home. It will bring my family such great pride and a sense of security."

Currently, Sara and her two sons live in a small two-bedroom apartment with very limited space. "Xavier is excited to have a home we can call our own.” Sara and Legend currently share a room in their apartment, she is looking forward to having her own space and privacy to recoup after a long day.

Xavier is 10 years old and enjoys playing video games and being outside with his friends. "We look forward to more space and a yard for the boys to play in." Sara explained. Legend is 9-months old and crawling, Sara anticipates him walking soon. "He enjoys getting into everything right now, I look forward to both boys having their own rooms where they can play and learn."

Sara was accepted into the program in August of 2016, and immediately began working towards her 300 hours of sweat equity required of the Habitat program. She heard about the Habitat Homeownership program through family and friends. "Without Habitat, I don't know if I could have done this on my own. It will bring a sense of security to myself and my children to know we get to come home to a place of our own. I am grateful for the opportunity."

If you would like to support the dream of homeownership for this family, please feel free to donate online or mail your donation to 305 Curtis Street, Delaware, OH 4301